Welcome to Net-Craze.com

This is probably the fourth iteration of Net-Craze.com and hopefully this one will actually stick. This site is not built to make money, or advertise for anyone or anything, just as a place to put a few basic tutuorials for family, friends, and anyone else that needs a basic explaination of various home security concepts. Some of the things you will find on this site are listed below.

  • Best practices for home networks
  • Securing your personal information at home and while traveling
  • Optimizing your computer
  • Remotely supporting friends and family members
  • Suggested software

Please not that most of the links on this site are broken for now... my bad


Any information on this site is provided specifically for information purposes only. The site owner (me) will not be held liable for the use of the information provided on this site. All suggested software in the tools directory are to be used at your own discretion, none of the software listed in that section was written by me, nor has it been audited by me.